Professor Guerra graduated from UNIVERSIDAD DE LA REPÚBLICA (UdelaR) in 1991, received his postgraduated in labour social science from de PROGRAMA DE ECONOMÍA DEL TRABAJO (PET) and received doctorate in Human Science from the UNIVERSIDAD CATÓLICA DEL URUGUAY in 2001.

For several years I have been developing a theoretical analysis that we have called "socioeconomics of solidarity" and that is linked to other conceptual variants such as "social economy", "community economy" or "social and solidarity economy" as stated in our legal framework. From this point of view, it is a...

Regarding the sociology of work, our research emphasizes developing a socially constructed perspective of work with multiple manifestations in contemporary societies. In this sense, we advocate a conception of work that goes beyond the double adjectives as formal and salaried, including other logics and variants, such as precarious work, informal...

Los más pequeños de la familia en un momento de relax. Playa de Pinamar, 2021.
Los más pequeños de la familia en un momento de relax. Playa de Pinamar, 2021.

The family

Sometimes the presentations of those of us who work in the academic world tend to be very cold, as if it were possible to dispense with the human part of each one of us. Well, in addition to having studied, practiced the profession, written books or taught in various fields, I also have life! I present to you my family: without them I would be nothing. My oldest children are Mateo and Santiago. Thanks to them, we became adoptive father and mother in my first marriage. Later, I met Romi, with whom we formed a new family. Two other boys came into our lives: Francisco and Bautista. We live in Pinamar (Department of Canelones, Uruguay), in a house facing the beach.