.On this page you will find part of Pablo Guerra's academic production and information about his projects and dreams, all of them collective and solidarity

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The Priesthood, between profession and vocation. A sociological analysis of the Uruguayan clergy, Montevideo, Umbrales, 2017. Through more than 100 in-depth interviews, we analyzed the feelings of the priests of Uruguay on a diversity of issues. The book also exposes some of the characteristics of the priesthood from the point of view of the...

Utopia, 500 years. Bogotá, Ediciones UCC, 2016. We analyze the most emblematic work of Tomás Moro through seventeen chapters and the participation of prominent colleagues who detail lights and shadows, text and context, history, present and future of utopian thought.

Prostitution in Uruguay: between work and sexual exploitation, Montevideo, CSIC - UdelaR, 2016. We present the results of the investigation "Inquiry about working conditions and opinion on human trafficking among the population that practices female prostitution in Uruguay" in which resulted in 190 interviews and we visited various brothels in...

Socioeconomics of Solidarity. A theory to account for alternative social and economic experiences, Bogotá, Ediciones UCC, 2015. It is the second edition of the book that brings together the theoretical framework of my Doctoral Thesis. It is an excellent edition that also has a Foreword by Prof. José Pérez Adán.

Solidarity Economy, Cooperativism and Labor Relations, Montevideo, FCU, 2014. This is the text that we use as a reference for our Solidarity Economy course in the Labor Relations Career. It was written together with Prof. Sergio Reyes. It is sold out although we are thinking of specifying a new edition soon.

Global Perspectives for Another Economy, Barcelona, SETEM, 2012. In this text, also translated into Catalan, we analyze 15 successful experiences in Africa, Latin America and Spain, also commenting on some keys to understanding the reality of the globalized world and its alternatives.